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    preloader keeps looping- desperate

      I'm having issues with a preloader on my website. I made it in a seperate swf from my main site using the progress bar component but I added an animation movie clip to go along with it. the issue i'm having is coming up with script to stop my animation movie clip when my website loads. Right now my progress bar loads and then disappears but my animation continues playing over my website menu. I'm so frustrated with this, I been looking at sites all day trying to find script that might work. I need some code to make my animation disappear when my site loads. I'm using CS3 action script 2.0. Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.

      the malfunctioning awfulness of my preloader can be viewed at www.jenniferwaydesign.com
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Did you fix the problem because I don't see any animation after your page loads (which seems like an awfully long time). Is this one large flash file it's loading? If so, you should break the file up and have some external loading. Even on my fast connection, it took a while to load.
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            tinypinkkoala Level 1
            Sorry, No I was just trying something and the animation disappeared entirely but no the problem is still there, I put the original swf file with the faulty animation script back up so it should show it now.

            yes, it is a large flash file and i think eventually i'll have to do that but for time's sake at the moment what i have just has to work for resumes until i have the time to go in and redo everything

            I've been trying to use event listeners, i'm just having a difficult time applying the percent loaded in my progress bar to my animation movie clip to make it go away when the event is loaded.
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              Shandy Elliott Level 1
              What is controlling the play head on your animation movie clip? When I do something like this, I let the value of percentage control where the play head is. I would create an animation lasting 100 frames, then script a gotoAndStop(percentValue). If you do this, you must calculate percentValue to be a whole number because you can't go to a fraction of a frame.