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    Reader - Terminal Service - Mem usage


      Hi all,


      We are useing Adobe Reader on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Terminal Service.

      have arround 10 users on it, who opens PDF files with some technical pictures and maps.


      some PDF files are arround 1500KB and some are on 90000KB of size.


      when you open this kind of files and browse down in em, the mem usage on server rises to aprox. 500MB pr. user who do this.


      We have tryid with diff. Readers, but all the same.


      I hope someone know a bit about Terminal service and readers in general and might be able to help out on this.


      basicly I would like to know, is there any solution to the mem usage when useing PDF readers on Terminal Service?

      Is there any form for work arround to this huge loads in mem usage?


      do it matter that Customer use the Free version?

      will it help to Buy the product?


      Kind regards

      Dan S. Bernhard, Denmark