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    Positioning of expanding hotspot?


      Hi there,


      I'd like to set the position of an expanding hotspot in correlation to the trigger. How can I do this?


      Target situation

      The expanding hotspot is shown directly beneath the trigger (here: button "Chapter B"). I want the hotspot to appear beneath the trigger but aligned top. So all hotspot content is displayed on the right of the trigger and expands only down. This is shown as model in screenshot "Target Situation".



      Problem 1

      The first problem is, that the first line of the hotspot content is aligned with the line/row the trigger is in. This happens if I insert the whole hotspot content as a single image. So the first lines expands up. See screenshot "Problem 1".



      Problem 2

      The second problem arises if the image is inserted in two parts to have a workaround for the top alignment. The second line within the expanding hotspot is displayed left aligned under the trigger - not left aligned in the hotspot. See screenshot "Problem 2".



      I figured out several workaround with transparent placeholders. But how can this be resolved in a clean way be positioning the expanding hotspot?