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    emmim44 Level 1
      Can someone translate the arguments section?:
      <cfexecute name = "#targ.Exe#"
      arguments = "/S loscbit139 /U web /P birdroad /N #i#"
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          Level 7
          why don't you look up what the ARGUMENTS attribute does in the cf
          reference manual? same goes for all the other 'please translate'
          questions you post: if you do not understand the explanations in the ref
          manual then you can ask to explain the parts you do not understand, but
          in most cases it is very much plain english there...

          you can download ref manual from adobe.com, or use the one available
          online, or the html or printed version that comes with cf.

          Azadi Saryev
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            emmim44 Level 1
            make sense.thanks
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              tclaremont Level 2
              Get a USED book on ColdFusion from Amazon.com. The prices are low enough to where asking even two or three questions here on the board will consume more time than will be saved in buying the book. For many titles the used price is a fraction of the new price, and the information is the same.