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    Custom buffer


      Ok so i have managed to sort out creating a custom buffer while using the FLV coponent and one of flashes default skins thanks to this post: http://www.ozzu.com/flash-forum/displaying-buffer-message-with-flvplayback-component-t9676 1.html


      It works a treat but i notice now that when it buffers it still has the default "green barbershop pole" appearing in the seek bar. Is there any way i can stop it from doing this since i have my own buffer? I am using a AS3 as below:




      function callFunction(event:Event):void{
          mcBufferingIndicator.RP2A.rotation += 15;


      import fl.video.*;
      //import fl.controls.ProgressBarMode;
      import fl.transitions.*;
      import fl.transitions.easing.*;
      // Set Variables
      var flvControl = display;
      var flvSource = "mymovie.mov";
      display.bufferTime = 3;
      //fade the mcBufferingIndicator when buffered.
      function onPlayerBuffered(event:VideoEvent)
      TransitionManager.start(mcBufferingIndicator, {type:Fade, direction:Transition.OUT, duration:0.5, easing:Strong.easeOut});

      display.addEventListener(VideoEvent.PLAYING_STATE_ENTERED, onPlayerBuffered);

      //Display the mcBufferingIndicator when buffering.
      function onPlayerNotBuffered(event:VideoEvent)
      mcBufferingIndicator.visible = true;
      display.addEventListener(VideoEvent.BUFFERING_STATE_ENTERED, onPlayerNotBuffered);

      flvControl.source = flvSource;