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    CS4-AS2 : Annoying substitute fonts window

    GerryIsHere Level 1

      Hi there!


      I still use AS2.

      Since I migrated from Flash 8 Pro to Flash CS4, the .fla I used to work with displays now a Font Mapping window.


      The window says that the "VerdanaReg*" font is not available on my system.

      I never had such a font installed!

      Verdana is a font I make an extensive use in my .fla and the installed fonts are (for several years):

      Font type: Open font

      Font family: Verdana

      Styles: Regular, Bold, Italic, and BoldItalic

      (verified fonts, no duplicates)


      The window offers me to choose a substitute font.

      I obey and choose Verdana and Bold.


      I supposed the problem was solved one time for all.

      I was wrong.

      Each time I open the .fla to modify it, I get this f...... window opened !!!! Grrrrr...


      How can I get rid of it?



      Thanks in advance for your help!


      (I have another question about fonts behavior in CS4 but I'll make a different posting for it...

      Results when publishing aren't what I expected as styles aren't which I set...)

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you read what that font mapping interface says, it indicates that the fonts you subtitute are not saved with the file.  So to keep that interface from popping up you either need to go to each instance of use of that font (would be indicated by the font name in parentheses) and replace it with the font on your system or find that old font and get it into your system (which I have no clue about).

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            GerryIsHere Level 1

            Thanks for your reply!


            The windows doesn't specify that the font I substitute isn't saved with the file...

            The window says:

            "The document "xxx.fla" contains one or more fonts currently not available on your system. The text will display and publish with the font mapping below:


            VerdanaReg*        Verdana     Bold



            System Default (button)       Substitute font:   Verdana (ComboBox)     Bold (ComboBox)


                                                                                 Cancel       OK  (buttons)  "


            In the Find and Replace Panel, I tried to find the fields where VerdanaReg* is used in order to replace the font.

            Search returned no result!!! I didn't even get the choice of this font!


            Since my document has almost three hundreds Dynamic and Input Fields (It's a Directory interface), it will be a tedious task to find manually where this dam... font is set in the Field Properties panel...


            What do you think?

            Should I built another .fla starting from scratch?

            I can't even imagine this...

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              pup500 Level 1

              The "Font Mapping" dialog is one of the most infamously slightly unsettling dialogs in all of Flash Professional history. We're all familiar with what it means, but how does one lay this beast to rest?


              I have but one solution:

                1. Drag all Library items onto stage.

                2. Open "Find and Replace" panel from application menu @ "Edit" > "Find and Replace"

                3. Fill it out...

                a. Search in: "Current Document"

                b. For: "Font"

                c. Select sought font, obviously.

                5. Click "Find All"!


              Okay, I lied; I have two:

                1. Drag all Library items onto stage.

                2. Use our good friend, "Movie Explorer"!

                3. Figure it out.

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