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    embedded font styles question

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      I've imported a font into the library. Without selecting bold or italic so it is in a plain text style. I then can select the font in the font list by selecting the font with an asterisk behind its name (e.g. FontA_Regular*). And use that font in my dynamic textfield.


      Next I've imported the same font but the the bold selection button selected. As a result I now also have this font in the font list with the asterisk behinds it's name (e.g. FontA_Bold*). Naturally I expect the text to turn bold in my dynamic textfield when I use FontA_Bold*. But instead it is still in plain style text and I still have to select the Bold selection button in the Properties window.


      So now I've got two options to use bold text with my font:

      - I can select FontA_Regular* and select the Bold button to make the plain text bold

      - I can select FontA_Bold* and select the Bold button to make the also plain text bold


      So I'm confused. I've imported the same font in two styles, regular and bold. So why does Flash now give to font symbol fonts to choose from when they both show the text in regular style? And basically they both work the same  because whichever I choose, I can select the bold button to make the text bold?


      It would make much more sense to have one Font Symbol font in the font list (like FontA*) and (depending on the number of imported styles of that font) selecting the bold/italic buttons to change styles.


      Or e.g. to have 4 Font Symbol fonts (one for each style: regular, bold, italic, bold/italic) of that font and e.g. to turn the text bold when using FontA_Bold* without having to select the Bold button.


      Can someone tell me why Flash works this way with fonts?


      PS, I know I could use TextFormat, CSS, etc. to style the text. I was just curious about this approach.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          to use the library fonts you should be creating a textformat instance or a style and applying the font to one of those instances.

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            jiggy1965 Level 1

            Yeah, I know I should use TextFormat. I was just wondering about the other way, without using TextFormat. Like it says in the Help files: import a font, select the text in a dynamic textfield, choose the embedded font in the font list with an * behind its name and the text is displayed in the embeded font.


            It shoud also work this way. Without using TextFormat. Working this way, I wondering why - when I import all 4 styles of 1 font - flash gives me 4 embedded fonts to choose from (those with an * behind its name) when they all make the text in regular style. Then, in order to make a text bold I can either:

            - choose fontA_regular*, click B

            - choose fontA_bold*, click B

            - choose fontA_italic*, click B

            - choose fontA_bold_italic*, click B


            to make a text bold.


            Which seems odd. Flash just as well could give me just

            - choose fontA*, click B


            to make a text bold


            Or just:


            - choose fontA_bold* (without pressing B which would make it extra bold)


            to make the text bold.