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    Specialized Summary Row


      I'm not yet quite grasping how to implement a summary row on an AdvancedDataGrid.


      I need a custom summary row that sums two (2) columns (not just 1) and finds the average (custom summary function?).  The summary row then needs one of the colums to span four of the datarow colums and include a blank spanned column as well.


      Since this is a bit hard to explain in words, here is a screenshow of what I am aiming for (the adg is flex output, the summary row is mocked up in ps):



      I would also like to specify the color of the summary row as depicted.  I have tinkered a bit with a custom renderer but I could use some advice on the best way to implement this.


      My dataprovider looks like this:


      chart = new ArrayCollection([
                  {Group:"This is question #1",
                      S_A:"23", S_A_Norm:"N/A",
                      A:"54", A_Norm:"N/A",
                      D:"18", D_Norm:"N/A",
                      S_D:"3", S_D_Norm:"N/A",
                      D_K:"2", D_K_Norm:"N/A"},
                  {Group:"This is question #2",
                      S_A:"46", S_A_Norm:"N/A",
                      A:"44", A_Norm:"N/A",
                      D:"4", D_Norm:"N/A",
                      S_D:"1", S_D_Norm:"N/A",
                      D_K:"4", D_K_Norm:"N/A"},
                  {Group:"This is question #3",
                      S_A:"35", S_A_Norm:"N/A",
                      A:"49", A_Norm:"N/A",
                      D:"11", D_Norm:"N/A",
                      S_D:"3", S_D_Norm:"N/A",
                      D_K:"2", D_K_Norm:"N/A"},
                  {Group:"This is question #4",
                      S_A:"27", S_A_Norm:"N/A",
                      A:"54", A_Norm:"N/A",
                      D:"12", D_Norm:"N/A",
                      S_D:"5", S_D_Norm:"N/A",
                      D_K:"3", D_K_Norm:"N/A"}


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!