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    Hiding a Button Conditionally?


      I have a form where you can click a button to add a duplicate page, and click another button to remove a duplicate page if needed. The buttons work just fine, but now I'm wanting to hide the Remove button on the original first page.


      My add button has the following programming: Content.Pages.instanceManager.addInstance()


      My remove button has the following programming: Content.Pages.instanceManager.removeInstance(this.parent.index)


      I have experimented with the following: if this.parent.index < 1 {


      But it doesn't seem to work, no matter where I put it. I get error messages, so I took it out. I have also attached the form I'm working on.


      I'm using Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8.0 Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          ginnyX Level 1

          Figured it out by playing myself, and with the help of a coworker. By putting the following code:


          if (this.parent.index < 1) then


          in the calculate area for the button programming, it works! Just in case anyone else runs into this.