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    Linking drop down boxes to selected layers


      Hi all,


      Acrobat noob here.


      I've created a map with a legend. Exported it to pdf and then linked selectable buttons in the legend to the layers on the map so when I click on secondary schools in the legend all the secondary schools on the map show as points.


      Now what I want to do with those points is either if I hover or click on the point that information about the secondary school shows, I also want to do that with every layer that I have on the map. I have other layers such as Primary Schools and Libraries etc that also show as points on the map. I know I can do this, the issue with this is that if there are points close together that it will be impossible for the user to select the one they want. So I was hoping that there's some script out there to run so that when one layer is selected that only the drop down menus linked to that layer show.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance,