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    Search finds topics that are not included in the project

      I have a RoboHelp HTML project which I use to generate CHMs for 4 different applications. I use conditional tags to define which topics to include/exclude from each CHM. This worked fine in RoboHelp 5, but I'm having search issues with RoboHelp 7.

      When I search in the compiled CHM the results include the titles of topics that were specifically exculded from the CHM by tags as well as topics that are not part of this project at all. I have never merged any of my projects.

      I've tried all the suggestions that I've found on this site:
      * checked that there are no stray CHM files in the project folder
      * renamed and regenerated the CPD file
      * created a new SSL file
      * edited the registry to remove the option that stops the external link warning appearing
      * checked the XPJ file for mergehelp files.

      I also installed the KeyTools utility that someone suggested. When I look inside the CHM file I can see topics that should not be in this file - but I've no idea how they got there or how to stop them appearing.

      Please, please has anyone got any suggestions - I can't think of anything else to try.