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    copy and paste armature in new .fla? (CS4)


      I've got a rather elaborate bones armature built in one .fla file and I'd like to copy and paste it into another .fla.  But I'll be snookered if I can find any way to copy the setup.  Is this something that can be done at all??


      Many thanks.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can only suggest that you can copy and paste the frames that involve this system since I haven't any idea what else might be involved with it.  You could paste it into a movieclip this way to make it more portable within a file.

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            Just uninstall Flash and never do install again.

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              I've found that in order to copy and paste an armature, including all of the poses you made in it, you can:


              1. Select the armature by clicking on its layer in the main timeline.  This should select the entire armature.

              2. Right click anywhere on the selected armature in the main window and choose 'Cut' or 'Copy' from the right click menu.

              3. Go to the layer of any .fla document you have open.

              4. Right click and select 'Paste' or 'Paste in Place' from the right click menu.


              Hope that helps you.  Let me know if I wasn't clear enough.

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                CPG Annique

                What I did when I was trying to copy and paste a pose from a frame in an armature and paste it to another frame in the same document was:

                1. Make sure the armature layer is NOT selected.
                2. Left click on the pose frame you want to copy (if layer is selected "copy pose" will be grayed out) and click "Copy Pose".
                3. This will copy the pose in the frame, but also select the layer.
                4. Click OFF the armature layer so it is NOT selected.
                5. Left click on the frame in the armature you want to paste pose to and click "Paste Pose".


                I know you asked to paste in another document, but maybe if you play around with this process you can figure out how to do what you need.