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    wrong text colors in HTML AIR app on windows

    Lars Klevan

      In our AIR app on windows the text which is supposed to be black is quite noticeably purple when viewed on Windows XP.  It is most noticeable for smaller fonts on thinner letters, which leads me to believe that it is a bug with anti-aliasing.


      This is a closeup of some of an example - font-size: 12px, color: #000, background-color: #fff.



      Picture 9.png


      Here is a side by side shot of the same HTML rendered in AIR and in Chrome:


      Picture 8.png


      I tried with Helvetica and just accepting the default font with similar results.


      Is this a known issue?  It seems so noticeable that I can't believe nobody has run into this.


      Does anyone know of a way to disable the font anti-aliasing as a workaround?


      Thanks for your help!