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    adobe flex max out on processor 2?


      vista business 64 bit quad core 4 gb ram

      when adding a button it takes so longt?

      now broken job down into 5 parts  still takes nearly a minute to addd a button to the canvas and render it if thats the right term.

      it max's out on processor 2, whilst the others, 0, 1 & 3, are quiet happy or under burdened on say 10% max?

      any ideas, should i break the job down even more..............

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Flash uses a deferred rendering model.  You can't just run code forever.  You have to stop so the player can renderer the display list.  addChild(someButton) won't show up until all code running after that has come to a stop.  Actionscript is also single-threaded which is another reason why it doesn't use other processors.


          See the pseudo-threading post on my blog


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