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    Configuring CFBuilder Issues

    cfcoder2 Level 1

      I'm trying to get up and running with CF Builder beta (CFBb) and so far am dead in the water...

      The #1 problem is that the documentation does NOT match the forms I come across for configuring. I've already come across two different explanations on how to fill out the new server configuration forms but neither quite match up what I see.  I have a long list of questions related to server settings and SVN plugin Subclipse which I also can't get working. I'm coming from a DW world and don't know Eclipse as some of the docs seem to assume.


      Adding a Server

      1. I believe I have the server settings pane set correctly. Then on the next pane for Remote Server Settings some docs talk about a server name and other about a naming port.  I see a Naming Port with the default 2910. I found one doc that says look in the CF server admin/SERVER-INF/jndi.properties file for the port.  I did and it shows 2910. It then says set user and password to what's in the jrun-users.xml.  I did.  But I can't get CFBb to talk to it apparently. I get errors:

      Error, 07/29 at 10:09:13, The connection to the remote JNDI server on host xxxx at port 2910 has failed (as have all backup hosts listed, if any) - please verify that the server is running and the NamingService is available

      That's not very helpful to me.


      2. The third pane in that server setup wizard is the Mappings. One doc mentions it, one doesn't.  I set that up correctly I believe. The one that mentioned the mappings then fails to say what's next but implies I click the Finish button.  But what I see is another Next button.  I clicked it and it takes me to an Extensions Install pane.  I see no docs how to configure that.  I tried configuring it but the Finish button does not become enabled for me so I unchecked the checkbox to install any extensions. I clicked Finish.  Connection fails to the remote server.  Now when I go in to edit the server, that last pane for installing extensions is gone.  It doesn't even show up.  I guess it's a one-shot do-it or lose-it option.


      What Plugins?

      3. I have heard of Subclipse plugin is good for using SVN. But what other plugins do most install?


      4. I did find and install Subclipse but now in CFBb I am trying to figure out how to use it.  Other than in the Help>Software Updates... menu I don't see any evidence that this plugin is installed or configured. I created a new project.  All that does it create a folder.  I eventually figured I needed to Import my project I had in DW.  I did and a .svn folder appears with a red x in a circle on the icon.  I assume that svn is not configured but no clue how/where to do this. I right-click on the folder and I see way down the list a Synchronize submenu.  I figure I need to create a new sync connection so I select that menu option. It does not offer any option for a SVN remote connection type, only FTP, FTPS and SFTP.  There's no contextual help here.  I don't know how to proceed.  I just want to have CFBb know about the SVN repository server for this project!