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    How can I turn captured video into a DVD


      I am a premiere newbie. Can anyone tell me the basic steps to take captured video (already can do..) and turn it into a DVD which can be read on a regular TV-DVD player.? Even a few basic starter steps to send me down the right road would be helpful and VERY appreciated. I can capture to Premiere (Pro CS4), but then what? Thank you!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          OK, you've got your material Captured from your camera. It should appear in your Project Panel. At this point, your Timeline will be empty. This is where the editing comes in. I'll keep it simple, as there are a couple of ways to do this.


          1.) from the Project Panel, drag each Video Clip to the Timeline's Video Track 1. The accompanying Audio wll come in with it, and should go to Audio Track 1, below that little "beltline," that separates your Video (above) and Audio (below).


          2.) you can alter the Duration of your Clip by click-dragging on the Head, to shorten it there, or from the Tail, to shorten it there. If you have material that you wish to remove from anywhere but the Head or Tail, look in the Toolbox, usually to the lower-right, but it can be moved. There is a Razor icon. Place the CTI (Current Time Indicator - that little triangle with a red line, that moves when you hit the Spacebar) where you wish to Cut with the Razor. Click with the Razor selected and both Video and Audio will be sliced. Move to where you wish this extra footage to end, and do the same thing. Rt-click on this new "Clip" and Choose Ripple Delete. This will remove that segment and close up the other parts of the Clip. Repeat for all of the rest of your media Assets.


          3.) add any Transitions, music, etc.


          4.) when done, you will Export this to Adobe Encore for DVD authoring. There are several ways to do this, but Adobe Dynamic Link is probably the easiest way.


          5.) in Encore (if you use DL all selected Timelines will come into that program w/ Audio and Video), you create your navigation with Menus (Encore has a full Library of these).


          6.) Check Project


          7.) when done, chose File>Burn to DVD.


          Note: use good media, like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and burn at the slowest possible speed.


          Done and good luck,




          PS remember that there are many ways to do the steps above. The manual and the Help files will go into a lot more detail, and you might find that you like another way better. Read, and then experiment.

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            Hunt has been very kind to you. I'm not. Get an education in video editing, read the manual, help file and follow tutorials. Hand holding sessions are over and will not be resumed till after the holiday season. The common term is RTFM. What the heck are you doing with a pro oriented program if you do not even know where to begin with what and why?

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              Thanks. I had forgotten to add the link to the PrPro Wiki for the OP. In it there is a very extensive FAQ section that covers almost everything that PrPro can do. There are also tons of links to tutorials, that cover even more ground and show most aspects of the program.