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    Very Urgent: Problem with Adobe Reader 7.0.9 and &.x versions

    Narasimha Baditela

      To give you a brief overview over how we have created the pdf:
      1) we have designed a form in Adobe livecycle designer 7.1. This form is designed using subforms  and it has got image fileds along with other controls like text fields, text , checkboxes, radio buttons and buttons etc.The designed xdp file is stored in database. From this xdp we get dynamic interactive pdf file.

      The restriction that the user has is he has to work on Adobe reader 7.0.9 because some of the forms won't work on the latest version of adobe reader(like 8 or 9).


      Now the issues with Adobe Reader 7.0.9 are:


      - the performance is slower than the Adobe 8.0 version
      - whenever we click on any  "button" like "Add Image" or "Add Tank"  images uploaded disappeared. But they are not actually deleted. Once we "Save" the form and open the PDF back we can still see the images.
      -Another scenario little bit different from the above one. whenever we click on any  "button" like "Add Image" or "Add Tank"  first time images uploaded disappeared. when you click again on "Add Image" or "Add Tank" you can see the images back.


      Really appreciate if you can let me know how to resolve these issues in Adobe Reader 7.x versions.


      Please see attached sample file that has the problem in adobe reader 7.x versions.