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    Published Flash module and 404 errors in the web server log

    Jase415 Level 1

      I’ve created a Presenter module, published it to my computer, and uploaded all the files to a web server. And it plays fine via the web.


      The odd thing is a bunch of 404 errors in the web log:

      - - [29/Jul/2009:10:36:00 -0700] "GET /repository/university/courses/3/flash/data/spk10821.1.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 255 "-" 1166 419 - - [29/Jul/2009:10:36:29 -0700] "GET /repository/university/courses/3/flash/data/spk10821.1.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 255 "-" 1166 419 - - [29/Jul/2009:10:36:57 -0700] "GET /repository/university/courses/3/flash/data/spk10821.1.jpg HTTP/1.1" 404 255 "-" 1166 419


      In the data directory there is a file named spk10821.jpg that was generated by Presenter. The image is actually the presenter bio photo that would normally show up in the sidebar -- but no photo is there. The browser never requests the valid spk10821.jpg file, only the non-existent spk10821.1.jpg path.


      Anybody know why this would be happening? I see in data/viewer.xml there is a tag for <image>spk10821.1.jpg</image> but I don’t know why Presenter would mention that file in the XML but generate a differently-named one in the publish folder.


      I’m wondering if I should have the web server rewrite requests with the ".1.jpg" ending to get rid of the ".1" part so they will work.


      By the way, this is with PowerPoint 2003 SP3 and Presenter 7.0.1.