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    Tile Caching of Map with Flex


      Hi all,


      I am currently developing a Flex application which displays geographic information. So far I had successfully set up a WMS compliant map server in the backend (GeoServer) and uses the WMS service to fetch the map image and uses the image as the background image of a canvas I have. So now I can draw whatever on the canvas and that's what I want.


      However, with this method, I am lacking the capability to zoom in/out, or pan the map. I know that there is something called OpenLayers which acts as a proxy and does the trick. Is there any API which supports Flex instead of a javascript solution? If not is OpenLayers is my best guess? And of course, free / open-source is always a plus


      Thank you in advance

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          Richard_Abbott Level 3


          there are several different map providers that you can use. One way to find them is to download TourDeFlex and look at the relevant section in that. It will give you some idea of the capabilties involved. There are several different Flex solution providers as well as JavaScript. One that you may find helpful is UMap (http://www.umapper.com/) which allows you to switch between different tile providers.

          You may need to be aware of the licensing restrictions which vary between providers - some require non-commercial use, some require use to be freely available (typically login credentials are OK but putting the site onto a company intranet is not) and others have no restriction. You may need to check each one to match the particular case you have in mind.

          I think you will also find that in the small print you are not supposed to cache the tiles yourself (basically to stop people just caching everything and setting up their own map service provision).

          As for drawing on the canvas, most providers allow various kinds of manipulation, from simply putting a supplied amrker at a given lat/long through to doing whatever you want. Each provider surfaces their own API and you just need to find one that is suitable for your needs. Personally I use a mixture of Google for some uses and ARCGIS for others, but you may find others fit your needs better,


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            tooMuchTrouble Level 3

            probably not quite "cooked" through but have a look at: