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    Configuration Questions Elements 4.0

    Death Hobbit

      I have the following System Configuration:


      Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P Motherboard

      AMD Phenom II 940 Deneb Quad Core 3Ghz

      4GB of Gskill DDR2 Dual Channel Memory

      Western Digital Caviar 1TB Black Edition Hard Drive

      Western Digital Caviar 500GB SE16 Hard Drive

      Western Digital Caviar 250 SE16 Hard Drive

      Segate 320gb 7200 SATA Hard Drive

      Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 with all updates.


      My Question:

      I have windows installed on the 1TB Black edition. The other hard drives are in place for storing various media files such as pictures, video, music etc.

      I have also moved my pagefile to another hard drive! When edting movies what is the best place to store your project files for the best performance? should all of my captured video and project files live on a hard drive seprate from my windows instalation?  I am interested in how others have their systems configured. Please advise!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It's actually a bit of a shame to have that fast 1TB as your system drive, as the ideal is keep the system drive clean, except for OS and programs. Still, it's fast, and that counts.


          My workstation is set up this way:


          C:\ OS and programs with part of Page File

          D:\ Media and other part of Page File

          E:\ Projects and Scratch Disks in Project folder structure

          F:\ Exports Video

          G:\ Audio files

          H:\ Media storage


          Gigabit NAS media archival storage. I bring these Assets onto D:\ as copies, so I am never working with originals - other than Capture files from tape, but I archive my tapes, in case I have to recapture


          I also have 2 multi-drives of different brands and a couple dozen 2TB FW-800 externals for archiving Projects, or for transporting Project between the workstation and my laptop.


          I tested my Page File and found the best results on the workstation with it fixed and split. The next best was fixed and on D:\. It differs machine to machine, as it's better fixed and on D:\ on my laptop with 3 identical 200GB SATA II's. Given your C:\'s speed and size, I'd experiment with it fixed and on C:\ to see what performance increase, or hit, you take.


          Good luck,



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            Death Hobbit Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! It is a shame that the 1TB was chosen as the primary drive but it was done intentionally! One reason being I was able to purchase the drive for $89.00 the other reason is because of the speed of the drive! I specifically chose the Black edition for speed! I would have purchased a WD Velociraptor if I could have afforded it!