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    Problem with published file resulting from powerpoint import




      I had previously posted about this problem (http://forums.adobe.com/message/2026028) and thought that it was solved, but unfortunately it is not. The problem persists as described below:


      I imported a powerpoint file into Captivate 4. The powerpoint file had a master template with some yellow arrows in the header area. Everything looks fine in Captivate, including when I preview the file. When I "publish" it though, these strange blue-green marks appear in the header area, along the arrows. I have tried many solutions, including the ones suggested in the earlier post. These included:


      1. changing the video quality to high

      2. installing the Captivate patch/update and re-importing


      The most I was able to accomplish with these was to lessen the problem a little bit. The marks are not quite as big as they were before, but they are still there. I have attached a screenshot below - see circled area.


      The closest i can come to figuring this problem out is that it has something to do with the fact that the powerpoint imports as an animation.


      I think the problem is related to the "animation" default because:

      1. The marks do change in appearance (appearing, disappearing, getting longer/shorter, etc.) as the presentation plays - i.e. as the animation plays.

      2. I have some slides that do not have this problem and for those I exported the animation from one slide and merged it into the background of another. This results in a static background. Note that this is not really a solution to the problem. It works well for my "blank slides" that need a background, but I have way too many slides to do this for all of them, and plus it fixes the content of the slide so that it cannot be edited anymore.


      Am I crazy or didn't Captivate3 used to give me the choice between importing as animation or background?? I never had this problem with Cap3 and was using the exact same powerpoint files.


      I wish I could simply ignore these marks, but I cannot. Does anyone have any other suggestions?





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          db456 Level 1

          Me again - I shoudl add that I would be more than happy to get rid of the "animation" part of my imports - there is nothing animated about them, just text.

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            You're not crazy. CP3 did allow you to select background image or animation upon importing a PPT. I miss this feature for many reasons, one of them being the inability to copy and paste a background. I usually import a blank slide along with my PPTs so I can paste the background onto question slides, but this serves no purpose now b/c you can't copy the background of an animation slide. Why did Adobe get rid of that option!?


            Having said that - I think I'm having a similar issue, but mine is with text. CP randomly selects a portion of a sentence or two to repeat on random slides throughout the project. I tried remimporting using different settings and each time it selects a totally different portion to repeat.


            It's an imported PPT slide - so it's not something I accidentaly set to display rest of project. It happens on preview IN CP and in the published version, but you can't see it when you're editing slides.

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              FCC 1

              I am also having problems with slides imported from powerpoint when I try to view in web browser or publish using Captivate 4. The blue backgrounds on some of my slides are not showing up which causes the white text to not appear!  I am wondering if this has something to do with importing animations instead of importing the ppt slides as background images?

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                db456 Level 1

                Update: I eventually "solved" this problem by removing the images or arrows from the slide master. Not perfect, but good enough.