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    Could someone please run a small test?


      Hello out there,

      I am getting this compiler error where everything I have read says that what I do should be ok: My interest is to create a 'package level' variable - accessible from any class in the package.


      Could someone please perform the following 3 steps and report the results here?

      1) Paste the following code into a file Dummy.as located in a suitable directory - adapt the name components accordingly.

      package components {
          import flash.display.Sprite;
          var thingies:Array = new Array();          // this is the object of interest
          public class Dummy extends Sprite {}

      Your project should still compile - Dummy is not really used.


      2) In another component (which of course needs to be active in your project) add a variable like

           var dummy:Dummy;


      3) Does it still compile? That's the big question.

      When I do this I get the error message

           A file found in a source-path can not have more than one externally visible definition



      Bumm - show stopper.

      BTW the product is Flex Builder 3.0 build (


      Thanks and best regards