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    Can I change whfdhtml.htm WebHelp file inside RH Project?


      We have a Macintosh display issue with our Search pane. After researching it we found it is because the whfdhtml.htm file contains an if statement that sets the frameset at 85% for Macs.


      When I change it to 100% it displays correctly.


      Question: Can I make this a permanent change in the RoboHelp project somehow? I looked but can't find a place to do it. Maybe a snippet or something??


      When I generate WebHelp, the file is replaced. We republish all when we generate final builds for various reasons. We don't want to have to change this manually each time we release.


      Using Tech Comm v2, skin Chrisi with full text search, RH 8.


      Screen shot of value I need to change is attached.





      Rita Norris

      Technical Writer