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    Transparency Effects With Buttons


      Greetings All,


      I have a problem with buttons losing their tranparency effects and I don't know if the issue resides in InDesign (export settings?) v6.0.3 or in Acrobat Reader v9.1.0.


      I created three stacked buttons from JPEG images in InDesign and applied a Darken transparency effect to each.  There is also a single text button with no transparency effect... so there are four stacked objects.  The three image buttons are hidden in the exported PDF but the text button is visible.  Additionally, there are three rollover buttons that control hiding/showing of the text button and the three image buttons.


      Everything works perfectly when the PDF is opened the first time.  However, when the file is closed and reopened (without closing AR) the transparency effects quit working.  The hide/show functions are fine.  If I close AR and reopen the file the effects miraculously return.  So... the problem only occurs when the PDF is reopened after it was opened once... persists until AR is closed and reopened.


      Lastly, this only happens on my PC.  Others don't experience the same problem with this file.  So... maybe it's an issue with my AR Preferences??


      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.