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    Capturing Issue: Timecode in DV AVI


      I captured a MiniDV-Tape into Premiere Pro CS4. I started working with the DV AVI file. At that moment the Timecode was displayed correctly.


      But as soon as I restart the program, the original timecode seems to be lost.

      It's set to 00:00:00:00 at the beginning (originally it was something about 09:59:30:18).


      The Timecode still exists in the metadata of the avi-files (a demo-version of DVMP Pro 3 gave me proof), but Premiere seems to be unable to recognize it.


      It's kind of weird that this problem only appears after restarting the programm.


      I need those timecodes now. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?




      (please excuse my bad english)