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    Codec for HD Quicktime?...

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I have a couple HD Clips that a friend gave me which are in Quicktime format and I want to include them in my Premiere CS4 Project. I try to bring them in and I get an error saying "Codec missing or unavailable" I tried then just opening the Quicktime in the QT Player and I QT sends me to their 3rd party codec site (which is of no help at all, making me basically choose what codec I think it's in which I have no clue)


      I talked to the guy who created the files and he says they are the raw files from the tape that were captured in Final Cut - I don't know if that helps, but these files do play on Macs (My friend, and the guy who createdthem - both can view them and import them)


      So what Codec does the pc not come with that Macs do?


      Can anyone help me out here?


      Thanks all,


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          shooternz Level 6

          Try opening the clips in QT Pro and  Export them as avi.


          FCP uses a proprietary QT version.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            The main QuickTime codec that is for HD footage and is only available on Mac and not Windows is AIC, or Apple Intermediate Codec. And opening the files in QT Pro on Windows and trying to convert them simply won't work--there is no AIC QT component for Windows.


            Your friend with the Mac, however, could recapture those clips or transcode the AIC versions into ProRes, for instance, for which there is a PC playback component. This is installed by default with QT Player/Pro. If these clips are encoded with AIC, that's the only way you'll get any joy on the PC.