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    premier elements organizer blows


      How can I stop the organizer feature from saving everything ever opened in elements?   This must be an option to disable??


      thank you,


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Chris, the Organizer is an integrated tool in the Premiere Elements program. It doesn't save file so much as displays them so you can manage, search, tag and delete them.


          On the one hand, there's no way to disable it. On the other, there would be no value or improved performance in doing so.

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            ensenada11 Level 1

            I understand it it only the thumb nail but appreciate if there is more than one user on a computer such as a family of four.  It now has everything from childrens cartoons to work related thumbs and if not coorectly tagged is just a mess.   Truly an unnecessary freature from adobe.




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              Kodebuster Level 3

              Chris, I'm constantly moving Video and Photo files on and off my system, so I also don't find the Organizer useful in my situation.


              My method is to just Select and Delete the Thumbnails, as I don't use the Organizer capabilities in any case.


              As stated, deleting the thumbnails, will have no effect on the actual files.


              One day when I grow up and get my life organized, then I'll probably start using the Organizer...lol...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Chris is obviously not alone, as similar comments come up frequently. I have to admit that I have never even opened Organizer, and do not have PSE, so I've never even seen its version.


                All such work is done in Adobe Bridge, or ThumbsPlus. In both, I can have many databases and also neither shows a global window, but only the folder views. Unfortunately for me, neither is perfect and each has good features, and some not so good.


                I've also got some other "media browsers," but do not find any of the others to be of much use for many reasons.


                The tip on deleteing the thumbnails is a good one and will likely clean up the "mess" for many.