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    CS4 AE Aspect Ratio Round Tripping from FCP

    Will Crash Level 1

      I have FCP Studio and Shake.  I absolutely love FCP but quickly realized that I do not like node compositing from Shake at all.  I got CS4 production because I simply prefer timeline based editing.  My problem is getting HD footage into AE 9.0.2.  Since I am on a Mac I cannot capture in HD with Premiere.  I don't know why Adobe did this.  So I capture on FCP which I prefer to use over Premiere, I export the file in Apple XML, then import it into Premiere.  No problem.  HD, correct aspect ratio.  The problem is when I export as a AE project.  It goes to AE, plays incredibly slow, does not come in in HD and the aspect ratio is completely wrong.  From what I understand that was the big hoopla about the update to Premiere 6.1 and AE9.0.1.  Is there something I am missing?  Is there a setting in AE that is not correct?  Please help.  I need my AE and I am losing my mind.