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    Vista Clean Install On a Dell XPS 435T

    flbreen Level 1

      It was like science fiction looking at Harm's mega rig.

      I am stuck with my $2000 Dell rig to which I just added (plugged in) a 3rd internal sata drive.

      My Dell came with 2 sata drives in a raid 0 configuration (C: only).

      Currently, I believe there are no jumpers on any of the 3 drives.

      I am about to begin the clean install and I need to wind up with (as per Harm's simplest design) 3 separate drives: (C:,D:, and E:).

      What do I with the jumpers to wind up with the 3 separate drives.

      I am very computer literate but I have never installed an operating system.

      Where in the install process do I get out of the raid 0 system and set up the 3 separate drives?