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    TOC Layout in Printed Documentation


      Morning chaps,


      Currently the Printed Documentation is chucking out a TOC that shows the Books, Topics and the Headings in the Topics. I was wondering if there is any way of formatting it so that it only generates Books and Topics?



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          ElisaFnord Level 2

          Morning, Luke. (Well, it's morning out here.)


          Which version of RoboHelp are you using to generate the printed docs? In mine (RH6 for HTML), the single source layout for printed documentation walks through a wizard. On the first (General) window, there is an Advanced button that leads to some extra setups. One of these is "Set TOC depth," which may do what you want.


          It was not clear to me from the RH online help (I can't test this for you because we don't have a version of Word that works with RH6) whether the number of levels is based on heading level or the nesting in the help project TOC. I suspect it's the latter. You may have to play with it a bit.


          HTH, Elisa

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            unsey Level 1

            Haha, it was morning in Englandland when i posted it.


            I'm with Robohelp 7 HTML.


            Yeah i had a play about with that. But the TOC depth is varied, and when i went to about a depth of 4, found that the Printed Documentation spewed out about 4 or 5 pages of TOC because it displayed all of the headings in most of the Topics. Then when i tried to reduce it to 2 it kept showing all the headings :S  very strange. Yeah i also, ironically, found that the Robohelp Online Help was both annoying and useless (contradictory muchly?).


            Keep trying i guess :/




            (P.S. It sort of helped, but i gave you a helpful rating thingy anyway )

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              ElisaFnord Level 2

              Rats. Sorry it didn't work.


              You could do what I always did with Word docs - I didn't let RoboHelp create a TOC for me at all. Instead, I generated the printed doc based on the RH TOC (to get everything in the correct order) and used the Insert > Index and Tables > TOC in Word to specify just the heading styles I wanted to include. (This presupposes that you use a different style for subheadings within topics.)


              I got really tired of doing this, so I built a little Word template with a title page, TOC page (where I inserted a TOC field as described), and a blank section at the end. I pasted my RH print output in, then just hit Update Field for the TOC. It was surprisingly quick, although it may be more steps than your workflow allows. Hey, this dates back to before you could create PDFs from Word!


              It would be a really nice feature to be able to exclude subheadings from the TOC. Maybe the best course of action is a feature request.


              PS - I'll be getting RH8 pretty soon, and I'll take a look at TOC generation then. Maybe they have solved this already! (And I hear that RH8's online help is a huge improvement over RH7's - you're not the only frustrated customer!)

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                unsey Level 1

                Ah dont worry, I'll figure something out.


                I guess I could print it out to Word, manually edit the TOC, then export it to PDF from there.


                I like the idea of constant pestering. Also, go you for some retro MS Word action there .


                I hope they do put it in, but it would be a bit of a moot point for me, because I am using RH for work to create a user guide. So even if it did come out in RH 8 I couldnt use it because there is no way in hell that they will buy the upgrade.


                Haha, I try not to use the help functions on many programs at all because they rarely help. Its nicer to speak (or type in this case) to people who know.