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      I want to develop a system in Flex/Java. The first thing I have to make is to show a form where the user could enter his name and password. Then the web has to connect to a Sybase remote DB to check de id and pass and to display some information from the tables existing in the db. The user will be able to manage the database via this web page (add or delete information......)


      My question is... what's the best way to do it??


      I was thinking in a Flex/ Java Servlets application. With a HTTPService, i can start the servlet (the servlets communicates with the db), then the servlet returns every information in a XML file.


      Is this the right way to do it?? Is there other better way?... with WebServices?

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          it all depends if you want your login to be in the Flex part, or simply in a JSP page before you get to the Flex part. Either will do the job, it just depends on your requirements and preference. If you go for a JSP then you can probably tap into the built-in j_security_check functionality and configure your server to check whatever you want, otherwise the route you suggest would be fine. You might want to somehow encrypt the user details before sending them over a plain HTTP link.


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