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    Change X3 -> X5

      If i change RH X3 to X5. May i work with old projects, which created by old version RH ?

      PS sorry my poor english
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi sokol74. If you upgrade to X5 you can open projects created in X3 but you ought to fully test everything before doing so with a "live" project. With any upgrade there are a number of new features which may affect what you currently have. It's a bit like test driving a second hand car. Until you do, you don't know whether everything will work.
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi sokol,

            you should have no problems at all. Make sure you install the X5 service release after installing and the just open up the .xpj file and allow robohelp to convert the project to X5.

            Backup your project before opening in X5, just as a precaution.

            Kind Regards
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              For years we have used RoboHelp X3. Yesterday we installed RoboHelp Office Pro X5 and wanted to continue editing our applications made in X3. However, X5 is very slow in loading and we cannot find how to convert the X3 applications to X5. Can you help us out?
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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Hi Glycine and welcome to the forums.

                On the issue of speed, there is a noticeable difference in the time X5 takes to load a project. Even from X3 to X4 I remember a difference. This is due to a number of factors not least the underlying Access database. It can also be down to your project's makeup (e.g. size, images, links, etc.). There may be little you can do apart from perhaps break them down into smaller projects and merge them together in a master project. Some of us have been known to open a project, make a coffee and read the morning post before starting work. OK maybe I jest but only a little bit .

                On importing the X3 projects, I'm a little less sure. I haven't used X3 for years and never the X5 Pro version. However if I remember correctly, when you go to open a project, there should be an option to select a RH project created with X3. The file extention of X3 projects is different to X5 so you'll need to select the correct file type. Once you select the X3 project file, the conversion takes place. Make sure to take backups and thoroughly test all aspects before going live as there a number of new features between these two versions.
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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  Other considerations:

                  Did you fully un-install RH X3 before installing X5?
                  Once a project is converted to X5, the X3 version of RH will not be able to work on it.

                  If you are trying to maintain both old and new for a transition period, you need to keep X3 on one PC and install X5 on another. Then you must copy the entire project over to the X5 machine and open it there. For whatever it's worth, you now have two (separate) versions of the project until you decide which way to go. My preference and recommendation is to go forward.

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                    Glycine Level 1
                    Thanks for your help. We had stored the files of the application on a server and found out the RoboHelp has a problem retrieving files from there. Once we had transferred the files to the PC on which we do the editing, things worked smoothly.
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                      Glycine Level 1
                      Since we were not quite sure how compatible the X5 version would be with X3, we transferred the application to another PC on which we installed X5. Now that we have the application stored on the PC on which we do the editing (see answer to Colum McAndrew's message) things work smoothly. We'll do one or two more days of testing, but if that goes well we'll un-install X3 and live happily with X5.