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    Configuring CFBuilder for a remote server setup

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      Yesterday, I searched high and low for several hours in an attempt to configure CFBuilder, for it will be able to work with Coldfusion 9 on a remote machine.  I came across some posts in this forum that other users seemed to have this problem and followed the steps that Bhakti Pingale had published, titled, “Remote Server Setup- Standalone”.


      So my server settings are the following:


      Servername*: Windows Server

      Description: Coldfusion 9 on Windows Server 2003

      Hostname*: windowsserver


      WebServer Port*: 80

      RDS User Name: admin

      RDS Password: password


      Naming Port: 2910

      Username*: admin

      Password*: admin

      Document Root: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot


      Bhakti recommended to start adminstart.bat file that resides on the server, which I ran and when I refresh my server settings in CFBuilder, I get that “HARMLESS” message, which is ok.  Also, in CFBuilder I have tested my RDS Configuration by navigating to the following:


      Windows>Preferences>Adobe>RDS Configuration


      And then I hit the 'Test Connection' button, and a popup says, “Test connection was successful.”  I am able to ping my local server (windowsserver) successfully, checked to make sure that CFIDE directory reside in my Document Root as Bhakti mentioned.  I checked my usernames and passwords.


      I am stuck, help!





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          If the server status is still "Unknown" then the last thing I want you to try is delete this server and add it again with the right information. There is a known issue with editing the server which might also be the reason you are not able to see the updated status. -Bhakti Pingale


          That seemed to be the problem.  Its now running!  Thanks Bhakti!


          Fyi, I deleted my only server setting in CFBuilder, and then added a new server with a different server name and description.




          And, for whoever cares, my Coldfusion Builder's 'About Adobe Coldfusion Builder' window has the following:
          Version: 1.0.0
          Build: 240773

          Build date: 04 July 2009, 12:15:11