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    Unable to draw Unicode chars whose value is > 0xFFFF


      I'm trying to draw a character from a Unicode font whose value is 0x1d11e (this is the treble clef character from the Sonata font).


      I read here that I have to convert Unicode chars > 0xFFFF to using surrogate pairs, but this doesn't seem to work.


      Here's my code:


          [Embed(source='C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/SonataStd.otf', fontName="Sonata__", mimeType="application/x-font")]
            private var font1:Class;

          public function draw():void {
            var txt:TextField = new TextField();
            var fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat("Sonata__", 40);
            var clefChar:uint = 0x1d11e

            var p1:uint = (((clefChar - 0x10000) >> 10) & 0x3ff) + 0xd800;
            var p2:uint = ((clefChar - 0x10000) & 0x3ff ) + 0xdc00;

            txt.text = String.fromCharCode(p1, p2);

            txt.embedFonts = true;