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    Designer using Dreamweaver in a Microsoft Visual Studio development environment

      I'm a designer using a Mac with Dreamweaver CS3 to design pages on a web app. The team I work with is using Microsoft Visual Studio to manage projects, check files in and out, etc. Each of us has a MS Windows Server 2003 with a local copy of the site.

      I only use Visual Studio to manage the project by checking in and out, and managing the project files because the Mac has a large display and is my primary computer.

      I was wondering if there was a way I could check files out so my team members see them as locked when I'm editing them, and vice versa in Dreamweaver on my Mac.

      How do I set up my site in Dreamweaver to do this?
      I don't think I want to set up the site as an FTP. What's an RDS?