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    Interaction design point of view


      I took a look to almost all video and explanation i found on adobe.com about catalyst, and it seems adobe care about what designer will be able to do with, and how they'll be sharing their work.

      My point is that i found in Catalyst a huge tool for interaction design (as ergonomist). I think adobe could push thoses customers to buy it (and i barely can't it gets out !!!). We used to develop our model on illustrator, then make a report inside indesign and then, show and talk about it with our customers.


      Here's the first thing : instead of showing statics capture screen, and take a lot of time to explain how this component or this bouton will interract, we'll be able with FC to simply execute the swf file, and say : this is how it will "interract".


      2nd point is : as ergonomist, we never can't be sure that our choise on the interface are fine or best. We can just say that's is not bad at all, so let's try it ! So we can spend a lot of time to test some elements of the interface with real user, and understand what's good and what's wrong. With FC, when we (our team of ergonmist) discuss about a behavior of a component, we can say : here's what i think about it, this can do that, and that will come here with a fade in. We'll be able to discuss directly on our component, visually, improving our efficiency and take better choices.


      The last point is how we work with the designers and developpers. Usually, designers takes our document, and try to respect the most of it. Sometimes it's easy (when they're no ambiguity about the behavior of the component), and sometimes it's hard (cause the designer understand his own way the behavior, while we were thinking another. Or just because designer produce a lot of terrific design and behavior we didn't specify, and at the end, a lot of thing has not been respect even if it's beautiful or fun). FC allows us to show the designer what behavior will that bouton do, or how this menu can shows up or how he can't shows up.


      And all of this changes a lot about our productivity, efficiency, and how we works with our workmate.


      So maybe adobe can just speak to this people (the ergonomists) and even improve FC in that way. (we use axure to make some prototype for the users test, and we work on a layer on a jpeg, and spend a lot of time inserting component (often invisible) or hide texte to put just a hyperlink, etc...).

      FC is really awesome, and i hope everything i have in my mind about this soft will become true


      I just have to thank all the team for the developpement, they're making the software we all missed !