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    Flash "Spinny" loader corrupted in FF in Windows with Flash player 10


      Everywhere else I have this on our site, it works fine.


      Here is where it is broken

      In a firefox browser (2, 3, 3.5) with flash player 10 in windows xp (flash player 9 looks fine)


      Everywhere else it looks fine.  I have attached the swf file & a screenshot of what it looks like when it is corrupted.


      I have tried saving it several different ways, but currently it is saved with these settings:


      Version: flash player 9

      Load order: bottom up

      Actionscript version: 2.0

      things checked:

      - Omit trace actions

      - Export hidden layers


      jpeg quality - 80


      I have also tried saving it in an older version (8) with the same results.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.