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    Component Refresh

    Travis Lazar

      I'm creating a dashboard and ran into a small problem. I have 5 charting components that are each built custom and pull from various databases through webservices which all works fine and well. However, there are a few context sensitive global variables that can be set by the user at run time. When the user changes one of these global variables I want to refresh one or more of my custom components completely, as if the component was being launched all over again. How can I accomplish this?


      My alternative is to create some sort of 'refresh()' function myself within each component and have it repull the data with the new variables but I was looking for an easier way to accomplish the task.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          I would put the global variables in an ArrayCollection, and add an event listener to the collection for the collectionChange event.


          Then each of your components can have a reset() method that resets that component to your desired condition.


          If any of the variables in the AC change, the event is fired, the event handler calls a global reset(), and call the reset() method for the the components to reset.


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            Travis Lazar Level 1

            Right, that is similar to my option 2. I am trying to get around writing a refresh function for each component. I'm looking for a way to 'destroy' and 'reinstantiate' each component, as if I were to hit the refresh button on my browser (but instead of the entire application refreshing I want the individual component to refresh).

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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6

              You could put all the components inside a custom container component, and when you want to refresh, in ActionScript set that custom container component to null, and then reinstantiate it.


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