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    Actionscript class to emulate property lists?

    pete.h Level 1
      I'm a Lingo programmer from way back, so I have built up many libraries of code over the years. I've managed to avoid the inevitable migration to Flash/Actionscript for as long as possible, but since Adobe appears to have long ago, it's finally time for me to jump ship aswell :(

      My first step is to use Javascript for Director, exclusively - so I don't have to switch languages when flipping between Flash & Director, as I do now.
      Second step is to provide some of the tools in Actionscript that I've been used to using so much in Lingo - namely Property Lists and all their functions.

      So I'm looking for 2 things to help me do this, so if anyone has invented the wheel before me, and is generous enough to share, I'd love to receive your help :)

      1) A Lingo to Javascript convertor script, that can do most of the inital grunt work, e.g. converting lines like "on handlername me,param1" to "function handlername(me,param1)", etc.
      I know this is not really necessary, but for future work and maintenance, I'd rather work solely with the one syntax.(Even Microsoft appear to be dropping VBscript and have been publishing examples only in Javascript, citing this as "being in line with the future direction of scripting languages at Microsoft")

      2) Actionscript functions/constructors/classes for replicating the Propertly List object. Unfortunately, associative arrays don't necessarily maintain any internal order (unless sorted), so it's not a direct translation. Has anyone already written an Actionscript class that provides the same functions and behaviour as a Lingo Property List?

      Any other tips on Lingo -> Flash migration are most welcome. I'd appreciate your experienced advise :)

      Wellington, New Zealand.