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    Way to sync audio better?

    dansch37 Level 2

      Best practices for QT FLV WMV to name a few. I will be exporting in many formats moving forward. Does anyone know if there is a trick or a plug-in that will ensure best audio sync even on slow machines?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You're looking for a solution in the wrong place. There's no magic in it, it's all in the data rates. Most sync issues are simply because one of the streams eats up too much bandwidth due to unnecessarily high data rates. For WMV and FLV the presets that come with AE should be balanced enough to cover most tasks. For QT the only CoDec in question is certainly H.264 and that uses AAC for audio, where again the default 96kbps should be more than sufficient for most tasks. Still, you never know unti l you try. However, making everyone happy is an unattainable goal. You could reduce your data rates to 32kbps and only run at 11kHz sample rate and someone still would experience lag on his hundred years old computer. For a website, you could at best offer multiple options, but for things like desktop playback, you really should define and check minimum requirements before encoding the media and everybody has to accept that.



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            dansch37 Level 2

            I can't say enough good things about these forums. I get my questions answered correctly and within hours.