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    Google Talk Event Gateway Question

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      Hey All,

      I am working on impliment an alert system with google talk. Basically when an event happens on the server, I want a message to go out via Google Talk to a predefined person. I found the guide by Ben Forta on building an IM bot, but this guide only covers responding to incoming messages. How would I send an outbound message that is unsolicited (the bot is on the other persons contact list, just the bot starts the conversation instead of a person). For some reason I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around it. I figure I'll have to make some kind of connection object, give it parameters and pass that on to googles jabber server, but how to do that I have no idea.


      Here is the guide I was kinda working with.



      And here is the code I have, (pretty much just copied and pasted from the article).


      <cffunction name="onIncomingMessage">
      <cfargument name="CFEvent" type="struct" required="yes">
      <!--- Get the message --->
      <cfset var message=CFEvent.data.message>
      <cfset var originatorID=CFEvent.originatorID>
      <!--- Result structure --->
      <cfset var retValue=structNew()>
      <cfset retValue.BuddyID= originatorID >
      <cfset retValue.Message="You said: #message#">
      <!--- send the return message back --->
      <cfreturn retValue>

      So I just need to write a quick function to send a predefined message to a predefined person. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.