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    BlazeDS+JMS: "name is not bound in this Context"

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      I had extended JMS chat app running fine on Tomcat6 turnkey testdrive for BlazeDS 3.2.0 & ActiveMQ5.2:

      http://www.agimatec.de/blog/2008/08/extended-blazeds-and-jms-example/comment-page-1/#comme nt-430


      I tried to take a fresh Tomcat6, copied BlazeDS jars there  and moved the app there.
      But it didn’t work.

      Getting “Fault: null”, “Fault: The consumer was not able to subscribe to its target destination” popups.

      And MessageTopic topic is not showing up in ActiveMQ console.

      In the Tomcat console see error:
      “[BlazeDS]  JMS consumer for JMS destination ‘java:comp/env/jms/messageTopic’
      is being removed from the JMS adapter due to the following error:
      Name jms is not bound in this Context

      I have copied BlazeTest.xml file too to conf/localhost. No configuration changes.

      In messaging-config:  java:comp/env/jms/messageTopic,  in context file: Resource name="jms/messageTopic"...
      In messaging-config: java:comp/env/jms/flex/TopicConnectionFactory ,

      in context: Resource name=”jms/flex/TopicConnectionFactory”

      Are these name matching ?


      Any idea ?

      I am fairly new to BlazeDS. Am  I am missing something (maybe in config)?


      Please help !