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    Can't open pdf files in IE8, but can in Chrome, using Reader 9


      Settings for Adobe Reader 9 include, under "Edit->Preferences->Categories:Internet->Display PDF in browser (enabled)", (Adobe Reader 9 settings should be all default).   Internet security settings in IE8 are also default.


      Opening a link to a pdf file, say from a search engine query, used to take place in the browser window.  No longer so.   All I get when selecting a link to a pdf file is a blank, grey Adobe Reader screen launching, not from within the browser, but as an external window with a blank error dialog box, - and there it hangs.   No document is loaded and the web page crashes, forcing a recovery of the tab by IE8.   I recently updated both to IE8 and Adobe Reader 9 so I don't know which is the source of the problem.


      I have been able to work around the problem in IE by right-clicking the pdf link and "save as", then opening the downloaded document from the desktop.   Reader otherwise works fine as a stand-alone utility to open pdf files.   Also, Reader works as expected from within Chrome, and pdf file links are opened effortlessly as a tab within Chrome.


      I mostly use IE and do not like Chrome for other reasons, and would like to fix IE so it properly opens pdf files within the browser.   As it is now, pdf files simply crash IE, forcing its automated error recovery.    I have seen similar questions elsewhere, but none of the solutions offered seem to work.