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    Photo's being blurred


      I got some help before on this same project: Tapping the * key on every beat of a tune being played in the back ground, this was a success. Much thanks.


      However as soon as the sequence is played the quality of the photos are reduced to a blurred mess. We have been through and changed the resolution of the photos to all be the same, we have matched the photo's res to the res of the video, we have tried using the anti flicker thing in the motion props. Nothing seems to work.


      We started the project again in Flash, the quality of the photo's was not reduced in any way, but there is no way of putting markers on the timeline.


      Completely at a loss here. I've searched the forums and the help but there doesn't seem to much on this.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Sounds like you have playback quality set to Automatic instead of Highest.  Export and watch in the intended delivery manner for final QC.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The Program Monitor in PrPro is but an emulation. Jim's suggestion on Qualtiy>Highest will likely help greatly. I also view at a Magnification setting of 100%, in lieu of Fit - same fly-out menu.


            The only way to get better display is to feed out via FW to a calibrated CRT monitor, or use Jim's suggestion to view via the intended devlivery system, i.e. a DVD to set-top player, hooked to a TV if that is your intended delivery.


            Good luck,



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              product_uni Level 1

              Thanks. Yea i wasn't thinking along the lines of the program producing the video for a specific type of screen. I was looking at the video designed for a regular tv on my tft screen at the size i thought it should be . My bad


              Tbanks again