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    FLVPlayback plays audio but no video


      Hi all, this one is really doing my head in and any advice (even vague thoughts) would be really great.

      I have an FLVPlayback component on the stage and I am loading 8 FLVs in to 8 separate video players within it. I then play the first one and when it ends I randomly select which to play next.

      Everything seems to work fine except that each time I run it one or two of the clips play back with only audio only and no video. It is not the same clip each time but whichever one it is will consistently fail to playback untill I re publish when it chooses a differrent clip to fail on.

      I am publishing for FP8 from CS4 on a Mac and it fails when I test movie as well as in FF and Safari.


      If anyone has any ideas on this at all please shout them out or I am heading for the forrest never to return