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    HELP PLEASE!! My 'Shockwave Flash Object'  is listed as "DAMAGED"!!

    Nuts4Mutts Level 1
      Hi everyone!

      I really hope that someone on these Forums will be able to help me; I know that I'm not alone with this awful Shockwave probllem that's keeping all of us PC-Game enthusiasts from playing our games. Since the last week of March 2008 I've 'Googled'; written on several help-Forums; and e-mailed 'Shockwave'; Microsoft; Oberon-Media; MSN Games about the "Shockwave----DRM Keyhole----game launcher....'has stopped working' errors", and I haven't heard from ANYONE who could tell me why I can't play my games!!!

      However; I noticed something on my own while cleaning out my cookies 2 days ago, and I'm hoping that I might have found somethig that'll fix things, it's just that I'm not very knowledgeable about troubleshooting, and what I think is a solution is just a big, fat nothing....that's why I'm writing for EXPERT ADVICE!

      As I said earlier, I was cleaning out my cookies when it hit me that there's also a tab there to "VIEW OBJECTS" where Active-X, Flash and other odd-ball things are kept. (Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings>.....
      and then you can pick 'View Files' to clean the cookies and to the left is 'View Objects'. Since I remembered
      seeing those little icons for Macromedia in there on my old PC, I just thought I'd check to see if IE-7 was set up the same way, and there it was.....down toward the end of the list was the following:

      "Shockwave Flash Object" next to it under "status" was the word, ""DAMAGED" .....3/24/08.....version 9,0,124,0"

      Does this info mean anything?? I tried to update it like it was done in XP, where you right-click on the object and
      the drop-down menu gave you several options; one of which was to repair or update or something like that; however
      when right-clicking here in Vista Home Premium, the only choice you get is "Properties".

      I've tried downloading and installing Shockwave over the version that's already installed (as the instructions tell you), but I STILL can't get rid of the "Damaged" version. Should I remove the 'damaged' one first, and then install the new one, (although I have NOT been able to delete it from my "Downloaded Files" even after trying to delete it by using more than one method....moe than one time!), or do I need to do something else??

      PLEASE HELP ME and all the other totally frustrated game-lovers here in cyberspace to FIX OUR BROKEN
      "SHOCKWAVE" components!!!! We NEED to play!!!

      If someone DOES have a solution for this problem, please share with me; oh, and PLEASE use LOTS of details, as I'm a self-taught novice and I'm not very well-versed in technical terms.

      Oh, I almost forgot...when I was setting some preferences in this new PC's WMP-11, I came across the initials
      DRM (Domain Rights Management....I think); is this the same 'DRM KEYHOLE' problem that's one of the error messages in relation to the game problems? Would using an earlier version of WMP help fix the game problems, too??