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    Why use CDOSYS instead of CFMAIL?

    yaf23 Level 1
      Hye everyone I wanted to know if you all see any benefits of using CDO for mail instead of CFMAIL. Cross the board the support folks at CrystalTech said use CFMAIL (this was after I ran into a little mail problem, in that my mail wasn't being sent out fast enough) but one suggested using CDO like this, from the way they put it CFMAIL will send through this object but is this normal or could this potentially be a problem later on. Personally I have never heard about this but wanted to know what you folks think.

      When I tried both for some reason the CDO method got to my mailbox faster than CFMAIL after about 25 runs each but that could just be server traffic at the time maybe.

      Any thoughts. I wanted to use one of the methods for a Online store that I am building in which the order receipt goes to the store for processing and also one goes to the customers. But the one to the store is extremely time senstitive. If you have a suggestion on that as well that would be great.

      This will allow CFmail to be sent through CDO.

      <CFOBJECT ACTION="Create" TYPE="COM" CLASS=CDO.Message NAME="Mail">
      <CFSET Mail.To="user@domain.com">
      <CFSET Mail.From="user@domain.com">
      <CFSET Mail.Subject="subject of email" >
      <CFSET ThisMessage="Email message" >
      <CFSET Mail.HTMLBody="body of the email">
      <CFSET temp=Mail.Send()>