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    How to render Rich Text /Html content  through .XDP form


      Hi all,


      I have designed an Invoice.XDP form and connected to a XML/XSD file for data.


      Now I dragged data fields from DataView to Invoice.XDP form to create required Text Fields.

      When I generated PDF from LiveCycle OutPut ES service it renders all fields with data.


      In the Invoice.XDP form some of the fields are required display Richtext /Html content, for those fields I changed object property to "Rich Text" from "Plain Text Only". Even after doing this the formatted text (Richtext /Html) is not displayed and it just displays only raw HTML text tags.


      I have attached the sample "ViewInvoice_RTF.pdf" generated for reference here.

      Please advise me how to render the Richtext /Html content.


      Thanks in Advance