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    Applying Formatting at End of Line

    Arggghhhhh Level 1
      Anyone else have this problem? I'm in the middle of some API docs, and some of the pages tend to 'go on a bit'. If I apply CSS formatting to the last character on a line in WYSIWYG, RoboHelp attempts to place the formatting to everything else in the doc. from that point forward. In some cases, this leads to it sending my CPU usage through the roof, and I have to restart X5. Everything is version controlled, so the startup is fairly slow (1,500 topics).

      It's a real pain, so would really appreciate any help, other than "don't select the carriage return" - sometimes it's tricky not to.
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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi Argggghhhhh,

          Yes. I thought that it would be best to wait until this happened to me again before posting. Not sure it is exacly the same, but if I apply an inline style such as bold to the last word on the far left of a line in the WYSYWIG. It's a bug. Usually, it is just a case of hiting Ctrl Z to undo and as you say avoiding selecting the extra space at the end of the line the next time that I apply formatting. But as you say on long topics it can be a pain.

          You quite rightly say that advice is welcome "other than "don't select the carriage return" - sometimes it's tricky not to." One option is to get in the habit of pressing Shift + backarrow before applying the style? this is a quick way of deselecting that extra space OR changing the size of the WYSWIG editor before appling the style. Just some thoughts.

          Hope that helps more than a chocolate teapot.

          p.s. FYI you can submit this or any other bugs/enhancement requests via