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    PPRO CS4 doesn't work?


      I got PPro CS4 (french edition) by the adobe store. Download several times. Double click. A blank window opens with the title (Adobe premiere. this software doesn't answer). Sometimes, it carshes. Sometimes, it works. I put some clip on the timeline but I can't export on a tape or through media encoder. On the tape, there is nothing. Encore answers: "can't find the files". But I can see the film on the monitors. After that, PPro CS4 was unable to find the project.

      Nothing has been moved and to make sure a new download and a new clean installation have been made.

      make a phone call to adobe and I'm waiting for ...

      I ask also to downgrade to PPro I bought to the adobe store in 2003. But this is no more available!

      I really appreciate any help




      Windows vista integrale (french edition)

      pentium d cpu 3.4 GHz

      RAM 4Go

      2 HD 500G

      ext 1T (firewire)

      GeForce 8600 GT 512Mo 2 monitors

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I assume that you have updated your CS4 to the 4.1 version (assume that it is available for all languages).


          First, with the lost Assets and also you lost Project files, it sounds like something is amiss with your system.


          To check the PrPro end of things, please tell us about your Project and especially your Assets. Go into as much detail, as you can.


          Good luck, and welcome to the forum,



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            photographe_f Level 1

            Hi Hunt,

            Until now I didn't have a chance to upgrade to 4.1. I was unable to retrieve the file fom adobe.com and, yes. it is a multilanguage package. Server overloaded? In addition I  had a look to adobe.com/ch or .fr or .ie and did not see the upgrade. Seems to me it's only available in US.

            In ten minutes I answer to the other question.



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              photographe_f Level 1



              very often PPro CS4 crashes before I have a chance to do anything. I send to adobe muliple error windows with my electronic adress, but no fee back.


              After a crash, it looks to me PPo CS4 doesn't know  any more where are the files. So that a previous project is not anymore seen like a " recent project ". In fact, and hopfully, the files are on the hard drive. PPro looks for the file in c:users\HP_ADM\....\Adobe\Premiere\Pro\4.0. I correct the filepath and can find my previous project. I want to export. And then adobe media encoder looks for the source in c:\users\hp_adm\AppData\Local\Temp\filemame. Of ccourse i get the following message: unable to read the file. Try to change  in preferences, but  no change for the path in the window.


              Any idea for the two problems?



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                RDA972 Level 3



                We're still awating the details you said you would provide. What kind of assets are you dealing with?

                On my machine export to tape works like a charm. I use a Sony DSR 45 P DV(CAM) deck.


                PS : je te conseille aussi pour ratisser large d'exposer tes problèmes en français sur le forum dédié à Premiere Pro du Repaire :


                http://www.repaire.net/forums/adobe-premiere-pro.html&usg=AFQjCNEz_VARoXmu8UV_u-pAHID1_wpG hQ

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                  photographe_f Level 1


                  I use a sony gv-d300e (DV pal). Seems to me It's not a problem of the hardware: the device begins to record (red light) and stops normally. however there is nothing on the tape. The vcr works correctly because I can see several clips.avi on the HD D that  I acquired .

                  There are 2 firewire (original) ports. One is dedicated for the vcr, the other to a 3rd hd. The 1T HD is almost always off (only used for backup).

                  C: is dedicated to the Adobe software/Vista and d: to the imported clips.

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                    photographe_f Level 1


                    Thanks Robert for the link.

                    There are one or two problems:

                    1)PPros CS4 crashed when launched

                    2)A problem with media encoder (maybe 2 comes from 1)

                    The second problem looks (at least partially or it's a variant) like the problem described by Ruby45 in your forum and solved(?) by Johan973. (error messages are similar).

                    Some comments:

                    1) I have also photoshopCS (zero) and adobe web premium cs3 suite. Recently due to conflict between extension manager cs3 and cs4 i got a hard time to move the pvii extension from dw8 to dwcs3.

                    2) On the folder .../AppData/Roaming/Adobe/ i have some folders called PremierePro (includig the folder 4.0) and Premiere Pro (including 4.0, 1.5 and 1.0) and i never did a change.

                    3)I didn't find in the folder programme/adobe/..../premiere any PProCS4.exe

                    At this time I csan't afford any issue with dreamwaver/fireworks cs3 or any interruption of service.


                    1) any conflict known between CS3 and CS4? solution?

                    2)how to perform a very clean installation of PPro CS4 without any interference with the web suite cs33? (I already download and install ppro cs4 several times).